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To realize hopes 

An alliance of people, brands and partners working together. Achieving more for patients, healthcare providers, business partners and investors

About us

About us

MedFore Medicine Limited Company focus on anesthesia, acute and critical care, neurology related fields and medical-grade healthcare supplements. We committed to assisting healthcare provider to solve and improve the content of medical care.


Our vision

MedFore was founded in 2021 with a vision to create a pharma-business which is both agile and creative. A business which could commercialize innovations in all channels, whether it be generic, branded, OTC or B2B, targeted at both primary and secondary care.

Our mission

MedFore specializes in the licensing and marketing of both branded and generic medicines, OTC supplement with a clear focus on quality, value and sustainability.

Core values

Our core values define us and act for our thoughts, behaviors and decisions every day.



Hold each other and ourselves accountable for our actions and to live our values.


Our desire for balance in life permeates our decision-making process.


Work together as a team aligned to achieve our goals and be respectful of each other.


Respect and appreciate differences.


Do all things with rigor.


With vast expertise and a substantial record of experience on the pharmaceutical sector, we operate in accordance to PIC/GDP regulations quality standards. We are in the position to guarantee the Licensing and Distribution medicine in Taiwan healthcare system.

How we can help


Develop anesthesia product portfolios for Patient quality and safety


Medical grad healthcare supplements 

Critical care

Establish strong and reliable partnership in hospital critical care


Building a CNS portfolio of Mental Health & Addiction therapies to fulfil unmet needs


Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases and, in particular, mental health disorders, are becoming recognized as the health challenge of the 21st century. Currently.

Despite control of core symptoms, many patients with CNS disorders continue to have significant areas of unmet needs. This is especially true for psychiatric disorders where symptoms are often complex and interrelated.

How we meet CNS patients’ needs

There is no ‘one fits all method’ of symptom management as manifestations of CNS disorders vary greatly.

We are striving to meet the unmet needs of patients and focusing on unique CNS medicine, supporting healthcare providers to deliver more for patients.


Why critical care

Critical care involves an intensive input of resources to provide continuous high-quality care in fraught, time sensitive settings for patients in urgent need. These patients require immediate assessment and management by multidisciplinary teams.

Acknowledging the importance of critical care medicines within hospital settings, we are applying innovative and high-quality focused products.

How we meet critical care patient needs

To support immediate decisions, treatment and stabilization of the patient condition, reducing the burden on clinicians and making a real difference to patient safety.

We are supporting health care professionals to deliver the right medicine, in the right dose, at the right time to those that need it.
Building on trust and innovative portfolio of critical care medicines that elevate the patient experience and improve outcomes in safe environments.


Why Anesthesia

Based on the Taiwan NHIA database, there are over 1.4 million patients done the surgery with anesthesia in 2020. The awareness of the anesthesia quality and patient safety is increasing.

The new awareness of the definition of “Anesthesiologist is?” is developing from “Physician in operation room” to “Physician of Perioperative Care”.


How we meet Anesthesia

We set ourselves apart by improving the anesthesia options for patients with our convenient and high-quality products and services

By doing this we establish strong and reliable partnerships in hospital channel, making sure more patients receive the optimum anesthesia they need.

Healthcare Supplement

The natural products have an important role in advancing people’s health, so we deliver world-class solutions for complex needs in the areas of Neuro-science and Pet’s healthcare.

We believe people pursuer the health life but also their families . So we focus on science base product and pharma-based approach with the benefit of naturally-sourced products.

OZLOO® ; Pet’s healthcare supplement

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